• Leer

    Our most economical cab-level fiberglass model.
    Model 100XR
    A stylish, custom-fit functional cap with sliding side windows and screens.
    Model 100XL
    The Leer Model XL continues to outsell all competitors in its class.
    Model 100XQ
    Features groundbreaking styling that picks up key design from each truck it fits.
    Model 180
    The Leer Model takes quality, good looks, and functionality to a new height.
    Model 122
    Take everything that's great about the cab-hi trucks and raises the roof about them.
    Model 180XR
    An economical mid-rise cap with more room and framed sliding side windows.
    Model 180XL
    SUV styling but with 20% more space. Large tinted windows and twist-out vents.